Best of the West Roundup #2


B&W; ca.2006

Roy Rides a Hunch; The Death Rattle; Scrounge of Guilt; The Battle for Black Gold; Three Famous Badmen; Challenge of the Crusher; Murder Mine; Bait for Death; Showdown at Doom Canyon; The Wagon Load of Doom; The Deserter: American Eagle; The Outlaw Hoax; Gold Fever; Shanghaied; The Brain Came West; Showdown Battle; Black Arrow; The Girl Who Saw Double; The Vanishing Hats of Hollering Gap; The Dangerous Dude; A Trap for Nemesis

 Jerry DeFuccio, Myron Fass

 John Buscema, Frank Bolle, Dick Ayers, Carl Pfeufer, Fred Guardineer, Ken Battlefield, Will Elder, Myron Fass, Pete Morisi, Joe Certa, John Belfi, Ruben Moreira, Dick Giordano

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