Herobear And The Kid Book #1 Hardcover

Astonish     December, 2002

Hardcover; Introductions by Don Hahn (Producer of“Beauty and the Beast”and“The Lion King”&; Jeph Loeb writer and producer of ’Smallville"; Many pin-ups from profesionals and readers as well.; Library of Congress Control Number: 2002113738; Collects the full series.; Introduction by Don Hahn; Collects series; Art Gallery of other artists drawin Herobear and The Kid; 230 pages

The inheritance; Book 1: small beginnings; Book2: dreams; Book 3: heroes; Book 4: discovery; Book 5: Belief; Scrapbook; Scribbles And Noodles In The Morning; The Process; The Art Gallery

 Mike Kunkel

 Mike Kunkel, Jason Lethcoe, John bean Hastings, Terry Moore, Tom Bancroft, Chris Sonnenburg, Scott Ulik, Mark Maxey, Scott Christian Sava, Heiny Reimes, Sarah Parr, Batton Lash, Donnie Long

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