Superman Annual #1966

Atlas     December, 1965

Reprints from Action Comics (1st Series) #267 (Aug 1960), #268 (Sep 1960), #269 (Oct 1960), Worldís Finest Comics #112 (Sep 1960), and Superman (1st Series) #90 (Jul 1954) and #140 (Oct 1960); Origin of Bizarro Superman retold; Versus Hercules; Time travel

Hercules in the 20th Century!; Supermanís Battle with Hercules!; educ: Giants of the Telescope: Nicholas-Louis De Lacaille; The Truth Mirror!; The Menace of Supermanís Pet; The Son of Bizzarro!; The Orphan Bizarro!; The Supergirl Bizarro!; educ: Amazing Ratios!; Supermanís Last Job!

 Otto Binder

 Wayne Boring, Curt Swan, Dick Sprang

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