The Silver Age of Comics #1


ca. 2011

DC Comics; The Man of Steel; The Superman Family; The Gotham Crusader; The Amaziní Amazon; The Grand Vizier of Velocity; No Evil Shall Escape My Sight; DC Double Feature; Super-Star Spectacular; DC Triple Play; Back to the 30th Century; Those Fabulous Freaks; Faulty Responsometers; Showcasing the Brave and the Bold; Part 2; Marvel Comics; The Cosmic Quartet; Web-Head; Goldlocks; Shellhead; That Neurotic Pym Person; More Tales to Astonish; Marvelís Justice League; Marvelís Merry Mutants; The Super-Patriot; Blind Manís Bluff; Marvelís Supporting Players; Part 3; Other Companies; The Charlton Heroes; Mighty Comics; Gold Key; Tower Comics; Many More Heroes

 William Schoell

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