Bobís Burgers (2nd Series) #1 Variation K


Comicxposure black and white Exclusive Cover

Tinaís Erotic Friend Fiction Presents: Take a Chance on Me (s); Bobís Fantasy Food Truck Concept Art íDouble Black Diningí: Louiseís Unsolved Mysteries and Curious Curiousities: What Lies Beneath Bobís Burgers; Lindaís Attempt to Take a Nice Family Picture in Front of the Restaurant (and How It Always Goes Wrong) #273; Geneís Rhymey Rhymes That Could One Day Be Songs Presents: Full Moon Lounge Gene

 Brian Hall, Mike Olsen, Justin Hook, Loren Bouchard

 Frank Forte, Hector Reynoso, Anthony Aguinaldo, Ryan Mattos, Derek Schroeder

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