Archie Digest Magazine #53

Archie     April, 1982

Spring is Sprung; Togetherness; Liíl Jinx: You Canít Have Your Cake And..; Willie Mack; Liíl Jinx: Who Knows?; Veronica: Itís in the Cards; Archieís Dad: Make that Grade!; Jughead: Tough Target; Betty: Going My Way; Snow Business; The Rival; Liíl Jinx: Sweet & Sour; Reggie: The Lucky Peace; The Sport of Kings! (text story); Betty: Manpower; Flight Plan; Liíl Jinx: Right Again; Little Archie: A Seeing Star; Liíl Jinx: Heart of the Matter; Second Thoughts; The Archie: Slap Flap; Betty and Veronica: The Playoff; Liíl Jinx: Fill Her Up!; Dilton: Scribble Dee-Dee; Sniffle Snafu; Mad Fad; Drop Out

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