The Best of DC #38

DC     July, 1983

Reprints from Action Comics #86, 269, 324, 379, 406, Superman (1st Series) #126, 129, Supermanís Girl Friend Lois Lane #108, Supermanís Pal Jimmy Olsen #81; Superman vs supernatural

Superman: The Eliminator!; Superman: The Truth Mirror!; Jimmy Olsen: The Demons From Pandoraís Box!; Superman: The Enchanted Mountain; Lois Lane: The Spectre Suitor!; Superman: The Spell of the Shandu Clock; Superman: The Ghost of Lois Lane; Supergirl: The Black Magic of Supergirl!; Superman: The Ghost That Haunted Clark Kent

 Leo Dorfman, Jerry Siegel, Don Cameron, Cary Bates, Jerry Coleman, Bill Finger

 Curt Swan, Kurt Schaffenberger, Ira Yarbrough, Werner Roth, Wayne Boring, Jim Mooney

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