Battle of Britain (Rebellion) Special Edition #2020 Hardcover

Rebellion     December, 2020

The Tough Way Out; Lofty and The War Eagle; Face oOf The Enemy; War Child; Destroyer; The Vulture; Bravo, Black Lion; The Young Cockney Commandos; El Mestizo; Gustav Of The Bearmacht; Double Hero Vultures; Scourge Of The Skies

 Garth Ennis, Alan Grant, Peter Briggs, Dan Abnett, Bob Williams, Karl Stock, Alex De Campi, Keith Richardson, Alan Hebden, Kek-W, B. Burrell

 Keith Burns, Eoin Marron, Davide Fabbri, Jimmy Broxton, PJ Holden, Simon Coleby, Glenn Fabry, Tom Paterson, Brent McKee, Staz Johnson, Ian Kennedy, Carlos Ezquerra, Patrick Goddard

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