Captain America 75th Anniversary Magazine #1

Marvel     June, 2016

Joe Simon & Jack Kirby: Cap Co-Creators! (text); The Masterworks: Jack Kirby’s Captain (text); A Timely Return to Comics with Allen Bellman (text); Captain America’s Fighting Friends! (text); From Cap to the King: John Romita on the Legacy of Jack Kirby (text); The Clothes That Made a Legend (text); Making a Mark on Cap: A Profile of Mark Gruenwald (text); Red, Black, and Blue! 75 Years of Super Villains! (text); Putting Cap’s Can-Do Spirit to the Test: A Q&A with Mark Waid (text); Earth’s Mightiest Leader! Cap and the Avengers (text); From Disassembled to Dimension Z: A Timeline of 10 Years of Cap! (text); Captain America on Film—Connecting Marvel History with the MCU (text); Classic Captain America Team-Ups! (text); The Road to War (text); Cap’s Greatest Speeches (text)

 John Rhett Thomas, Matt Adler, Jess Harrold, Dana Perkins, Dugan Trodglen, Jeph York

 John Byrne

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