Batman Archives #5

DC     May, 2001

Hardcover; Reprints Detective Comics #103-119

Trouble Incorporated!; The Battle of the Billboards!; The Batman Goes Broke!; The Phantom of the Library!; The Mountain of the Moon!; The Goat of Gotham City!; The House That Jokes Built!; Batman and Robin in Scotland Yard!; Coaltown, U.S.A.; The Case Without a Crime!; Crime on the Half-Shell!; Acrostic of Crime!; The Man Who Lived In a Glass House!; The Rescue of Robin Hood!; Steeplejack’s Showdown!; The Royal Flush Crimes!; The Case of the Famous Foes!

 Alvin Schwartz, Don Cameron, Bill Finger

 Dick Sprang, Jack Burnley, Win Mortimer, George Roussos, Bob Kane, Howard Sherman

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United States pbickford $49.00  
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