Boy Comics #29

Lev Gleason     August, 1946

Crimebuster: Untitled; ad: Pepsi the Pepsi-Cola Cop: Bozo’s Escaping!; pin-up: Photo of the Big Three (Bob Wood, Lev Gleason and Charles Biro); Crimebuster: Silver Gloves Trophy; Little Dynamite: Raising Pigeons!; Skelly the Liberated Skeleton: Untitled; Daredevil (Bart Hill): Even Break (text story); Real Hero of the Month: Death by Third Rail!; Swoop Storm: New Invention; educ.: Inside Dope for the Boy Athlete; Young Robinhood and His Bard: Old Insurance Racket; humor: All Gagged Up; Double Trouble: Untitled

 Charles Biro, Dick Wood, Dick Briefer

 Dick Briefer, Alan Mandel, Charles Biro, Norman Maurer

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