Kull the Savage: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Book #1 Hardcover


Book Market; Collecting the Kull stories and articles from Savage Tales #2, The Savage Sword of Conan #1-3, 7, 9, 14, 23, 34, 42-43, 55, 119-122, 124-140, 145, 147-152, 158-159, 161, 165, 169-170, 172, 177, 182-183, 186, 190-193, 196-199, 202, 213, 215, 229-233 & Kull and the Barbarians #1-3, Marvel Preview #19, Bizarre Adventures #26 and Conan Saga #97 and a complete gallery of Kull pinups from Marvel’s black-and-white magazine titles.

Introduction by Roy Thomas; Weird Enough Tales; Introduction by Chuck Dixson; Weird-Enough Tales; The Skull of Silence!; An Atlantean in Aquilonia; The Beast from the Abyss; The First Barbarian; Kull of Atlantis; Hail the Barbarians!; A King Comes Riding!; The Shadow Kingdom; King Kull: A Retrospective Review; The Forbidden Swamp; The Death-Dance of Thulsa Doom!; Of Swords, Sorcery and Science; Teeth of the Dragon; The Omen in the Skull; The Hyborian Age, Chapter One: The Pre-Cataclysmic Age; When a Tiger Returns to Atlantis; A King Kull Glossary; Portfolio by Marie Severin; Portfolio by Roy Krenkel; Portfolio by John Buscema; The Striking of the Gong; The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune; Portfolio by Rudy Nebres; Kings of the Night, Part 1; Pass of Death; Riders Beyond the Sunrise; The Tiger of Atlantis; Portfolio by Marie & John Severin; Portfolio by Ernie Chan; Wizard and Warrior; Portfolio: Barbarians by Day; Of Boltons and Barbarians; Demon in a Silvered Glass; From Beyond the Grave; Night of the Monkey!; Pieces of Horror; One Against All; Song of the Dead; Trail of Blades; The King’s Dream; The Carrion Eaters; The Lair; The Barrens; Beneath the Crown… a Warrior!; The Prince of Thieves; The Sea King; The Totem; Keeper of Laws; Fool’s Night; Portfolio by William Johnson; The Tolltaker; The Brawl; The Mine; The Caravan; Nightmare; Portfolio by Dale Eaglesham; Gift of the Pirate King!; Rites of Passage; Host of the Serpent Cult; Traitor’s Gold!; Trial by Fear; A Bond of Blood; Invictus; Caresses of Mine Enemy; The Plague King; Distortions; Siege; Death and Taxes; Portfolio by James Fletcher; Robert E. Howard’s King Kull, Part 1; A Groaning in the Earth; The Man Who Would be King; Threnody; Horror Out of TimeDeath and Life in Tiger Valley, Part 1; Death and Life in Tiger Valley, Part 2; Portfolio by Mike Docherty & Ricardo Villagran; Kull the Pict-Killer; Bride of the Buccaneer; Raiders of the Pictish Isles; Vengeance in Valusia, Part 1; The Pit; Exile of Atlantis; Conscience of the King; The Savage Brotherhood; Enslaved!; Like a Wolf at Bay; Rotath of Lemuria; The Oath; Death in a High Place; The Kull Comics Chronology; Biographies

 Roy Thomas, Doug Moench, Chuck Dixon, John Arcudi, Glenn Lord, Steve Englehart, Lin Carter, Fred Blosser, Gerry Conway, Jim Neal, William Johnson, Dave Simons, Robert E. Howard, Alan Rowlands

 John Bolton, Val Semeiks, E.R. Cruz, Bernie Wrightson, John Severin, Barry Windsor-Smith, Neal Adams, Jess Jodloman, Vincente Alcazar, Walter Simonson, Sonny Trinidad, Mike Ploog, David Wenzel, Alfredo P. Alcala, Geof Isherwood, Fraja Bator, Vincent Waller, Dale Eaglesham, William Johnson, Mark Pacella, Don Perlin, Ernie Chan, Tony Salmons, Dave Simons, Ovi Hondru, Fred Carrillo, Tony Dezuniga, Marie Severin, Howard Chaykin, Ross Andru, Rick Hoberg, Sal Buscema, Vince Giarrano, Jim Valentino, Steve Carr, Armando Carillo, Eliot Brown, Donald Hudson

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