What’s Funny About That? #1 Hardcover


Foreword — Who Draws Cartoons, Anyway?; The Truth About Gags; Squeans Plewds And Briffits or, How To Be A Cartoonist; Pro?les of Tom Henderson, Chon Day, Clyde Lamb, Henry Syverson, Robert Day, Dick Cavalli, Irwin Caplan, Harry Mace, Vahan Shirvanian, Charles Pearson, Ton Smits, George Wolfe

 The Berenstains, Russell Brockbank, Irwin Caplan, Dick Cavalli, Claude, Chon Day, Robert Day, Rowland Emett, Ed Fisher, Roy Fox, Dave Gerard, Walter Goldstein, Sid Gordin, Ray Helle, Tom Henderson, Ned Hilton, Tom Hudson, Stan Hunt, Al Kaufman, Bil Keane, Jeff Keate, Ted Key, Bill King, Anatol Kovarsky, Clyde Lamb, Harry Mace, Charles E. Martin, Frank Owen, Charles Pearson, George Price, Mischia Richter, Cedric Rogers, Ronald Searle, Vaihan Shirvanian, Ton Smits, Ralph Stein, Henry Syverson, Barney Tobey, Don Tobin, Walt Wetterberg, George Wolfe, Bill Yates

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