Adventure Comics #345


Superboy cover; Death of Blockade Boy; Death of Weight Wizard; Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes; Matter-Eater Lad’s shape altered; Time travel; Reprint from Superboy (1st Series) #41 (Jun 1955); Story continued from Adventure Comics #344 (May 1966)

The Execution of Matter-Eater Lad!; Cap's Hobby Hints; Duo Damsel’s Double-Play!; Pa Kent’s Dilemma!

 Edmond Hamilton, Henry Boltinoff

 Curt Swan, Henry Boltinoff, John Sikela

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United States MScheele $20.75 Surface wear (minor), Cover soiling (minor staining/foxing), Cover bends (small (1/2" or less), possibly with color breaks)
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