Marvel Comics #1000 Variation R


Eight Bells; The Operative and the X Men; The Other Door; The Loop; Fight for Love; 1944; Patsy Walker: Hellcat and Six Tips for Selfie Success!; Calling Frequency X; Deep Dives; The Last Stand of the Dark Avenger; Dr. Strange: Spin Cycle; The Journey; The Return of Not Brand Echh; Ken Hale in The Membrane; The Guild of Strange Science; Rebels and Judges; Dennis Piper’s Last Heist; Strange Worlds; The Interview; Till You Die; Professor Cold Call; They Call Me the Invincible Iron…; A Midwinter Night’s Dream; Little Blackagar in Slumberland; One Heart; Him; Seven Things You can Count On; The Farmer; Of Kings and Sinners; Honor the Sacred; Blade Week; Because of Her; Enter—Stage Center; We are What We are; Heirs of the Tiger; Blind Justice; Nighttime in the City; She; End of the Day; The Prince of Power Returns; Over Troubled Waters; We’re Calling Him Ben; The Privilege; Howard the Duck in The Tender, Flakey Taste of Weltschmerz!; Jet Lag; The Big Bounce; Damage Control in The McDuffie Device!; The Thing and Spider-Man in Trading Foes!; The Route; The First Horsemen; Glory Days; Turkey Soup for the Deadpool Soul; The Devils Brand; I’ve Said Enough; With a View to Forever!; A Mother’s Work; Monsters; Historia X; Part of Your World; The Celebration Dinner; Parental Guidance Suggested; The Family Hulk; Armor: Disassemble; X Plus 80; The MJ Memoirs; How to Save a Set of Keys; Spider-Man in He Arrives Just in Time; Cable: A History of Scars; Miracleman: Prelude; Doom Alone; Gridlocked; What Do You Regret?; The Choice; Eternity; The Mask… and the Raider; Tomorrow

 Al Ewing, Jeremy Whitley, Mark Waid, Kathryn Immonen, Kurt Busiek, Joe Hill, Kieron Gillen, Jeph Loeb, Alex Ross, James M. Iglehart, Saladin Ahmed, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Walt Simonson, Gerry Duggan, Jonathan Lethem, Everett Lethem, Desmond Lethem, Christopher Priest, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Ryan North, Ralph Macchio, Jimmy Gomez, Jim Zub, Gerry Conway, Roy Thomas, Matthew Rosenberg, Charles Soule, Toby Whithouse, Rainbow Rowell, Donald Mustard, David Mandel, Eve L. Ewing, Brad Meltzer, Tom DeFalco, Mike Gold, Ed Brisson, Adam F. Goldberg, Rob Liefeld, Erik Larsen, Jason Aaron, Donny Cates, Jonathan Hickman, Patrick Gleason, Gail Simone, Joe Quesada, Peter David, Chris Claremont, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Raymond Obstfeld, Kelly Thompson, Tini Howard, Tom Taylor, Allan Heinberg, David F. Walker, Greg Pak, Chip Zdarsky, J. Scott Campbell, Jason Reynolds, Dan Slott, Jeff Lemire, Neil Gaiman, Jason Latour, Derek Landy, J. Michael Straczynski

 Steve Epting, Patrick Zircher, Leonardo Romero, Joshua Cassara, Irene Koh, John Cassaday, Stuart Immonen, Ron Garney, Leonard Kirk, Phil Noto, Cameron Stewart, Gabriel Hardman, Michael Allred, Doug Braithwaite, Tim Sale, Cory Smith, Chris Weston, Eduardo Risso, Cafu, Klaus Janson, Alex Ross, Oscar Martin, Steve Rude, Javier Rodriguez, Walt Simonson, Chris Samnee, Paul Hornschemeier, Brian Stelfreeze, Joe Bennett, David Lopez, James Harren, Marco Checchetto, Benjamin Jackendoff, Nick Bradshaw, Greg Land, Rod Reis, Leinil Francis Yu, George Pérez, Terry Dodson, Carlos Pacheco, Alan Davis, Kris Anka, Donald Mustard, Butch Guice, Jen Bartel, Julian Totino Tedesco, Ron Frenz, Andrew Mooneyham, Mark Bright, Jorge Fornés, Adam Riches, Daniel Acuña, Rob Liefeld, Erik Larsen, Goran Parlov, Geoff Shaw, Dustin Weaver, Patrick Gleason, David Baldeon, Kevin Nowlan, Adam Kubert, Salvador Larroca, Mattia De Iulis, Pepe Larraz, Kia Asamiya, Juann Cabal, Jim Cheung, J.J. Kirby, Takeshi Miyazawa, Chip Zdarsky, Jesus Saiz, J. Scott Campbell, Patrick O'Keefe, Marcos Martin, Jeff Lemire, Mark Buckingham, Jason Latour, Paco Medina, Ed McGuinness, Steve McNiven, Mike Deodato Jr.

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