All Funny Comics #1

DC     December, 1943

Winter 1943

Penniless Palmer: The Case of the Purloined Producer!; Two-Gun Percy: Trouble in Malted Mesa!; Private Pete (Untitled); Vitamin Vic (Untitled); Hayfoot Henry: The Statues that Walked!; Grandpa Peters (Untitled); Hamilton & Egbert (Untitled); Nervy Joe (Untitled); Buzzy (Untitled); What’s in a Name? (text); Super-Sleuth McFooey: Case #705- The Uncanny Chatter Kidnapping at the Haunted Hotel; Dover & Clover: The Doughnut Formula!; Genious Jones: Shave & A Haircut- 10 cents!

 Bernard Baily, Henry Boltinoff, Tom McNamara, Tod Lowry, Jack Farr

 Bernard Baily, Henry Boltinoff, Tom McNamara, Jack Farr

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