What If? The Original Marvel Years Omnibus #2 Variation C

Marvel     August, 2021

Book Market Variant Cover by Bob Budiansky

Collects What If? (1977) #23-47

What If… Hulk’s Girlfriend Jarella had Not Died?; The First Celestial Host!; What If Aunt May Instead of Her Nephew Peter Had Been Bitten by that Radioactive Spider?; What If Gwen Stacy Had Lived?; The First Eternals; What If Thor Fought Odin Over Jane Foster?; The First Uni-Mind; What IF Captain America were Elected President?; What If… the Man-Thing had Regained Ted Sallis’Brain?; Outpost on Uranus; What If Phoenix had Not Died?; Kree Encounter!; What If Ghost Rider Were Separated from Johnny Blaze?; Matt Murdock, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.; New Life; What If… the Avengers were the Last Superheroes on Earth?; …The Search for the Great Refuge!; What If… Sub-Mariner Never Regained His Memory?; What If… Spider-Man’s Clone had Survived?; Moving Day; What If Wolverine had Killed the Hulk?; …What If There was No Fantastic Four?; What If… the Avengers had Become the Pawns of Korvac?; What If the Dazzler had Become the Herald of Galactus?; What If Iron Man had Been Trapped in King Arthur’s Time?; What If the Watcher Were a Stand-Up Comedian?; …What If Bullseye had Not Killed Electra?; And Thus are Born the Cat People!; What If Yellowjacket had Died?; What IF the Fantastic Four had Not Gained Their Powers?; What If Nova had Not Given Up His Powers?; What If the Thing had Continued to Mutate?; What If - the Beast had Truly Become a Beast?; What If Galactus had Turned the Silver Surfer Back into Norrin Radd?; The Leaving; What If Sharon Carter had Not Died?; Daredevil: 2013!; What If Thor of Asgard had Met Conan the Barbarian?; What If Dr. Strange had Never Become Master of the Mystic Arts?; What If… Destiny had Not Destroyed Atlantis?; What If Susan Richards Died in Childbirth?; What If - Conan the Barbarian Were Stranded in the 20th Century?; Behold…; What If Captain America Were Not Revived Until Today?; What If the Hulk Were Berserk?!; What If Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben had Lived?; What If Loki Found Thor’s Hammer First?!; Bonus Features; Biographies (text)

 Peter B. Gillis, Mark Gruenwald, Tony Isabella, Mike W. Barr, Steven Grant, Jo Duffy, Michael Fleisher, Frank Miller, Bill Flanagan, Rich Margopoulos, Bill Mantlo, Roger Stern, Danny Fingeroth, Alan Zelenetz, John Byrne, Steve Skeates, Ralph Macchio, Fred Hembeck, Tom Defalco, Jim Shooter, Brent Anderson, Al Milgrom, Bob Budiansky, Dan O’Neill, Rick Parker, Mike Carlin, Joe Albelo, Bob Layton, Eliot R. Brown, Bill Sienkiewicz, John Romita Jr., Alan Kupperberg, Alan Weiss, David Anthony Kraft, David Michelinie

 Herb Trimpe, Ron Wilson, Alan Kupperberg, Gil Kane, Rich Buckler, Jerry Bingham, Tom Sutton, Frank Miller, Bob Budiansky, Mark Gruenwald, Greg LaRocque, Mike Vosburg, Bob Hall, John Byrne, Butch Guice, Marc Silvestri, Ron Frenz, Sal Buscema, Kelley Jones, Don Perlin, Fred Hembeck, Dave Simons, Ron Zalme, Brent Anderson, Al Milgrom, Frank Springer, Ed Hannigan, Terry Austin, Joe Albelo, Rob Carosella, Jack Morelli, Bob Camp, Barry Shapiro, Rick Parker, Dan Crespi, Nora Maclin, Morrie Kuramoto, Eliot R. Brown, Harry Candelario, Bob Layton, Tom DeFalco, Bill Sienkiewicz, Marie Severin, John Romita Jr., Steve Ditko, Arvell Jones, Alan Weiss, Paty Cockrum, Dan Reed

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