Savage Sword of Conan: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus #7 Variation A

Marvel     January, 2022

Direct Market Variant Cover by Bob Larkin

Collects Savage Sword of Conan #88-101

Fleischer, Buscema and the Serious Business of Conan: Introduction by Mark Finn; Conan: Isle of the Hunter; Conan: The Dark Stranger; Conan: The Gamesman of Asgalun; Conan:…Rite of Blood!; Portfolio; Conan: The Devourer of Souls!; Portfolio: Those Barbarian Artists; Conan: Forest of Friends!; Conan: The Beast; Conan: The Chain; Conan: The Jeweled Bird!; Portfolio: Ernie Chan Strikes Again; Conan: The World… Beyond the Mists!; Conan: Challenge; Conan: Death Dwarves of Stygia; Conan: Night of the Rat!; Conan: The Hill of Horror; Conan: The Ape-Bat of Marmet Tarn; Portfolio: The Gary Kwapisz Portfolio; Conan: The Leopard Men of Darfar; Conan: The Blood Ruby of Death; Conan: The Lady of the Tower!; Conan: The Informer; Conan: One Night at the Maul; Conan: When a God Lives!; Conan: The Gift; Conan: The Siren; Conan by Jim Seeber Portfolio; Conan the Barbarian 1983 Calendar; Biographies (text)

 Michael Fleisher, John Buscema, Alan Zelenetz, Christopher Priest, Jim Neal, Steve Skeates, Larry Yakata

 John Buscema, Mary Wilshire, Val Mayerik, Ron Wilson, Stan Woch, June Brigman, Pablo Marcos, Ernie Chan, Gary Kwapisz, Alfredo P. Alcala, Tim Conrad, Madz Castrillo, David Wenzel, Dave Simons, Armando Gil, Kerry Gammill, Earl Norem, Bob Camp

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