Masters of Imagination: The Comic Artists Hall of Fame Hardcover


The Art of The Comic Book; The Jack Kirby Hall of Fame; The Will Eisner Hall of Fame; The Comic Book Page: Step By Step; The Comic Book Page As Art; Publishing Dates And Names; Will Eisner; Joe Shuster; Jack Kirby; C. C. Beck; Jack Cole; Carl Barks; Walt Kelly; Basil Wolverton; Harvey Kurtzman; Wallace Wood; Bernard Krigstein; Alex Toth; Steve Ditko; Artist Guide and Checklist

 Mike Benton

 Will Eisner, Joe Shuster, Jack Kirby, C.C. Beck, Jack Cole, Carl Barks, Walt Kelly, Basil Wolverton, Harvey Kurtzman, Wally Wood, Bernie Krigstein, Alex Toth, Steve Ditko

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