Epic Illustrated #31

Epic     August, 1985

Preview of The Black Dragon

Last Galactus Story, The Part 6; The Hidden Stars; The Seed and the Sower; Cobalt 60, Part 7; Beyond Legend; The Sword of Sh’rlii; Wah, Wah, Wah…; Year 20; Toadswart d’Amplestone, Part 6; Abyss

 John Byrne, Jon J. Muth, Larry S. Todd, Denny O’Neil, John Robert Tebbel, Martha Thomases, Archie Goodwin, Paty Cockrum, Zoran Vanjaka, Mary Jo Duffy, Marc Hempel, Tim Conrad

 John Byrne, Jon J. Muth, Kent Williams, Mark Bodé, Victor de la Fuente, Paty Cockrum, Zoran Vanjaka, Tim Conrad, John Bolton, Marc Hempel

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