Archie’s Double Digest Magazine #8

Archie     October, 1983

A mixture of stories, one page gags, puzzles, featuring the full gambit of Archie characters; 256 pages

Ear Today and Gone Tomorrow; Cover Up; Betty’s Maze; Jughead’s Gag Bag; Captain Kidder; Heat Rave; Jughead Gag Bag; Canvas Candor; Going Steady; Betty Presents Bowling Tips For Girl Bowlers; Betty and Veronica Gag Bag; Sell Me Pretty Maiden!; Old Tricks; Smack Smack; File Smile; Hopless Heap; Swith Witch; Archie Seeing Double Puzzle; Betty and Veronic Gag Bag; Joker’s Wild; Happy Hobby; Cracked; A Fish Story; The Charm Course!; Jughead’s Capital Idea Puzzle; The Little Archies in Summer Camp Story; Hang Up!; Lucky Peace; Super Duck in Double Trouble; Hot Dog’s Customized Dog Houses; Kite Kaper; Fats and Figures; Archie’s Gag Bag; Square Deal!; The Truth Hurts; Bend Over; Jugheads ?????? Riddle Page; Ice Cream For You; The Lucky Day; Archie’s Guide to Fishy Fishing; Vidiocy; T.V. Dinners; Ice Going; Arty Smarty; To Catch a Thief; Winner Take All; Fair

 Mike Pellowski, Greg Crosby, Craig Boldman, George Gladir

 Jeff Shultz, Stan Goldberg, Fernando Ruiz, Bob Bolling

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