Batman: Featuring Two-Face and The Riddler Book #1

DC     August, 1995

Collects Batman #179; Annual #14; Detective Comics #66; 68; 140; 377; Secret Origins Special #1; Intro by Mark Hamill; Index of Two-Face’s Appearances; Index of the Riddler’s Appearances

The Crimes of Two-Face!; The Man Who Led a Double Life!; The Riddler; The Riddle-less Robberies of the Riddler!; The Riddler’s Prison-Puzzle Problem!; Original Sins; The Killing Peck; When is a Door; Two-Face; The Eye of the Beholder

 Bill Finger, Gardner Fox, Neil Gaiman, Alan Grant, Mark Verheiden, Andy Helfer

 Bob Kane, Dick Sprang, Sheldon Moldoff, Frank Springer, Mike Hoffman, Sam Kieth, Bernie Mireault, Pat Broderick, Chris Sprouse

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