The Vertigo Tarot TPB


This book was sold only with The Veritgo Tarot Limited Edition card set; Introduction by Neil Gaiman; All art on card and in the book is by Dave McKean; The Major Arcana Feature smany of the Vertigo characters and and settings except for four cards; All other card feature McKean art; All card come with explanations of each card

Introduction; The Major Arcana; The Fool - John Constatine; The Magician - Tim Hunter; The High Pristess - Mad Hettie; The Empress - Titania, Queen of the Faires; The Emeror - The Geek; The Hierophant - Morpheus; The Lovers - Chantinelle and Tani; The Chariot - The Enigma; Strength - Black Orchid; The Hermit - The Phantom Stranger; The Wheel Of Fortune - Destiny; Justice - The Golden Age Sandmam; The Hanged Man - Shade, The Changing Man; Death - Death; Temperance - Delirium; The Devil - Lucifer; The Tower - The Toer Of Babel; The Star; The Moon; The Sun; Judgement; The World - Swamp Thing; The Minor Arcana; Ace Of Wands; Two Of Wands; Three Of Wands; Four Of Wands; Five Of Wands; Six Of Wands; Seven Of Wands; Eight Of Wands; Nine Of Wands; Ace Of Cups; Two Of Cups; Three Of Cups; Four Of Cups; Five Of Cups; Six Of Cups; Nine Of Cups; Ten Of Cups; Ace Of Swords; Two Of Swords; Three Of Swords; Four Of Swords; Five Of Swords; Six Of Swords; Nine Of Swords; Ten Of Swords; Ace Of Pentacles; Two Of Pentacles; Three Of Pentacles; Four Of Pentacles; Five Of Pentacles; Six Of Pentacles; Nine Of Pentacles; Ten Of Pentacles; The Court Cards; Page Of Wands; Pges Of Cups; Page Of Swords; Page of PentaclesKnight Of Wands; Knight Of Cups; Knight Of Swords; Knight Of Pentacles; Queen Of Wands; Queen Of Cups; Queen Of Swords; Queen Of Pentacles; King Of Wands; King Of Cups; King Of Swords; King Of Pentacles; Readings

 Rachel Pollack

 Dave McKean

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