Wizard Edge #1 Variation A


Licensed Comics cover

3 page Barry Ween story

Comics on the Edge; The Never-Ending Battle; Success Stories; A Ween and a Prayer; Rising Stars; It’s Cho Time; Buzz Books; Culture Shocks; I Like Mike; Spell Bound; Basic Training; Bag O’ Fun; Milk & Cheese: The Losing Edge!

 Brian Cunningham, Tom Root, Dave Sim, Adam Patyk, Judd Winick, Mike Cotton, Casey Seijas, Frank Cho, Jennifer M. Contino, Charles Brownstein, Jim Mahfood, Andy Serwin, Evan Dorkin

 Judd Winick, Sam Hiti, Mike Huddleston, Kagan McLeod, Ben Oliver, Brett Weldele, Frank Cho, Jim Mahfood, Evan Dorkin

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