Wizard Edge #3 Variation A


Conan cover by Joe Linsner

Exclusive 8-page Powers story; ca. 2004

Standing on the Cliff; Up CLose: Dave Sim; Powers That Be: Powers (Vol. 2) #1 Preview; The Unusual Suspects; Crom Night; Q&A: Roy Thomas; Barbarian Reborn; Up Close: Frank Cho; Leap of Faith; Speak of the Devil; Press Play; Buzz Books; Q&A: Joe Linsner; Kevin Smith Trivia Challenge; How to Self Publish; Diary of the Hulk

 Steve Niles, Todd Casey, Dave Sim, Brian Michael Bendis, Roy Thomas, Frank Cho, Dave Marshall, Richard Ho, Mike Mignola, Joseph Michael Linsner, Jake Rossen, James Kochalka

 Dave Sim, Michael Avon Oeming, Paul Chadwick, Frank Cho, Mike Mignola, Eric Powell, James Kochalka

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