Wizard’s Crossgen Special #1


Inserted into Wizard: The Comics Magazine #121

Crossing Generations; Welcome to His World; A Well-Laid Plan; Into the World; Making History; Battle at the End of the World: Crux; By the Gods: The First; Prime Meridian: Meridian; The Magic Touch: Mystic; A Time for War: Scion; Space Odyssey: Sigil; Rebellion!: Sojourn; Negative Space: Negation; Sleuth or Dare: Ruse; Enter the Samurai: The Path; Here’s the Pitch…; A Week in the Life; Ghost Stories

 Christopher Lawrence, Justin Aclin, Casey Seijas, Deanna Destito, Mike Cotton, Mark Waid

 Paul Pelletier, Butch Guice, Bart Sears

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