Wizard’s Tomb Raider and The Top Cow Universe Special #1


Aphrodite IX #0 issue included

A Step Above; Ranch Hands; Basic Training; Cow Boys; Treasure Hunt: ’Tomb Raider’; The Man Within the Monster: ’Butcher Knight’; Chicks and Hits: ’Aphrodite IX’; Making Waves: ’Fathom’; Mourning Star: ’Rising Stars’; Unholy Alliance: ’Witchblade’ and ’Darkness’; Shooting the Gauntlet; Role Call; The Top Cow Price Guide; Toying Around; Wanted: Dead or Alive

 Jim McLauchlin, Marc Silvestri, Andy Park, Scott Brick, Leland Palmer, Joe Yanarella, Lars Pearson, Dan Digiacomo, Doug Goldstein

 Andy Park

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