The Young All-Stars Annual #1

DC     July, 1988

Versus Mekanique; Versus Per Degaton; Continued in Infinity Inc. Annual #2; Private Lives; Private Life of Dyna-Mite story

The Mekanique Paradox; Home Front

 Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas

 Malcolm Jones III, Mike Gustovich, Joe Kubert, Brian Murray, Michael Bair

Lowest Price: $2.25

6 copies from $2.25 to $6.00
United States pwills3130 $6.00 MT/NM 9.8
Very Fine to Near Mint  
United Kingdom jonmm66 $2.25 ca. 1988
United States ZanaduComics $3.00 z29 nm/vf+
United States $3.07 ca. 1988
United States RHobold $3.25 Binding Quality: slight mis-centering of cover, Corners: slightly blunted
United States fabficbk $4.00 ca. 1988

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