The Sandman: Book of Dreams Hardcover


Edited by Neil Gaiman and Ed Kramer; 18 stories with a Peface by Frank McConnell and an Afterword by Tori Amos from her introduction to Death: The High Cost of Living

Masquerade And High Water; Chain Home. Low; Stronger Than Desire; Each Damp Thing; The Birth Day; Splatter; Seven Nights In Slumberland; Escape Artist; An Extra Smidgen Of Eternity; The Writer’s Chinld; Endless Sestina; The Gate Of Gold; Bone Dry Place; The Witch’s Heart; The Mender Of Broken Dreams; Ain’t You ’Most Done?; Valosag And Elet; Stopp’t-Clock Yard

 Neil Gaiman, Frank McConnell, Colin Greenland, John M. Ford, Lisa Goldstein, Barbara Hambly, B.W. Clough, Will Shetterly, George Alec Effinger, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Robert Rodi, Tad Williams, Lawrence Schimel, Mark Kreighbaum, Karen Haber, Delia Sherman, Nancy Collins, Gene Wolfe, Steven Brust, Susanna Clarke, Tori Amos

 Dave McKean, Clive Barker

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