Superboy (1st Series) #85

DC     December, 1960

1st appearance of Mighty Boy; 1st appearance of Mighty Dog; Versus Lex Luthor; Time travel; Superboy cries over his lost friend; Superboy cries at failing to save Abraham Lincoln

The Mystery of Mighty Boy!; The Impossible Mission!

 Otto Binder, Jerry Siegel

 George Papp

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United States donner5 $53.00  
Very Good  
United Kingdom silverdollarcomics $19.50 Superboy cries at failing to save Abraham Lincoln. VG+ 4.5
United States donner5 $37.00 Box C-3
United States $13.50 Missing pieces (chips not larger than 1/2" diameter), Cover Detached
United States CapCoComics $6.00 Some spray paint on cover, "DC" blackened in