Epic Illustrated #1

Epic     March, 1980

1st Appearance of Dreadstar; Spring 1980

The Answer; Home Spun; Aware; For the Next Sixty Seconds; Metamorphosis Odyssey: Aknaton; Lullaby of Bedlam; Elfspire; Fantasies; Convert; Heads; Za; Juliet; Detour; Topaz; Endgame

 Stan Lee, Wendy Pini, Leopoldo Durañona, Bob Larkin, Jim Starlin, Ray Rue, John Pocsik, Mirko Ilic, Ernie Colón, Arthur Suydam, George Bush, Carl Potts

 Carl Potts, Ernie Colón, Jim Starlin, Rick Veitch, Wendy Pini, John Buscema, Rudy Nebres, Leopoldo Durañona, Bob Larkin, Ray Rue, Thomas Blackshear, Mirko Ilic, Arthur Suydam, George Bush

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