Hero Illustrated #6

Warrior     December, 1993

Packaged with Ultraverse trading card; Valiant Poster bound in center

Word Up!; Hero News; Youngblood Animated On Way; Hero Review; Batman/Houdini: The Devil’s Workshop; Bound For Glory; On The Edge; The Hero Insider; Up From The Swamp: The Trials and Triumphs of Stephen Bissette; Spotlight on: Sergio Aragones; We All Gotta Go Sometime…; Flame On!; Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek unveil Marvels; Brining Superman back to Life; Zero Hour history is in the making… DC’s plan to rewrite its origin; Go Figure!; Mark A. Nelson’s From Pencils……to inks, Chapter, 4; The Basics; Andy Mangel’s Hollywood Heroes; Quartermann’s Power Play; Violator; Hot Hero Top Ten; Heroic Trading Cards; Focus On The Legion of Super-Heroes; Hero Price Guide

 John Danovich, Joe Funk, Frank Kurtz, Christopher Golden, Stephen R. Bissette, Steve Darnall, Sergio Aragonés, Kurt Busiek, Paul J. Grant, Mark A. Nelson

 Stephen R. Bissette, Sergio Aragonés, Alex Ross, Mike Leeke, Mark A. Nelson, Bart Sears

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