The A1 True Life Bikini Confidential #1

Atomeka     December, 2013

Betty Page pin-ups; Adult; B&W

Mr. Monsterís Most Wanted; Parcels of Events; Siren of thet Stars; Hell City II; Jaremsheela; Nine Columns in Oskerion; Tales of the Taco Fiend; Click; Betty Page; The Thinker in Crystal; Better Than a Poke in the Eye With a Sharp Stick; The Temple of Sweat; Revelations; Our Factory Fortnight; The Perils of Polizei

 Alan Martin, Alan Moore, Bob Burden, Brian Bolland, Dave Elliott, Melinda Gebbie, Michael T. Gilbert, Pedro Henry, Peter Milligan, Steve Moore

 Woodrow Phoenix, Mark Beachum, Mark Schultz, Alan Davis, Melinda Gebbie, Dave Dorman, Bob Burden, Brian Bolland, Carol Swain, David Jackson, Doug Braithwaite, Garry Leach, Jamie Hewlett, John Higgins, Michael T. Gilbert, Steve Parkhouse, William Simpson

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