Cracked #229

Globe     August, 1987

For Monsters Only!; Night Court, Cosby Show, Golden Girls, Six Million Dollar Man, G. I. Joe, Madballs parodies

Monster One-Shots; Transylvanian TV; Don Orehek’s Horrible Humor II: A New Beginning; CRACKED Monster Lens!; G. I.*Joke Super-Macho Coloring Book; Fright Court; Monstrous Hurry Ups!; Uggly Family: Meet the Trashformers; Cracked Super Party; Your Little Brother Really is a Monster When…; Monster Babies Horror Tales; Monster Pets; Slippery When Wet; Fangorier; Monsters Get T-eed Off; Fadballs; CRACKED Interviews the Monster King!; Shut-Ups

 George Gladir, Jerry DeFuccio, Mort Todd, Roger Brown, Gene Perone, Randy Epley, Joe Catalano, Charles Schneider, Eel O’Brien, Moe McMahon, John Arcudi, Pete Ciccone

 John Severin, Gray Morrow, Steve Ditko, Don Orehek, Shawn Kerri, Bob Fingerman, Rick Altergott, Stosh Gillespie, Rurik Tyler, Walty Brogan, Rick Parker, Rob Orzechowski, Mike Ricigliano, Skene Catling

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