What If…? (Vol. 1) #34

Marvel     August, 1982

…Kazar Were a Middle-Aged Accountant Instead of a Savage?; What if Dazzler Had Become a Stand-up Comedienne instead of a Singer?; What if the Watchers in all the realities got together and watched Watchers watching Watchers…?; What if Howard the Duck Formed His Own super-Team?; What if Thor Had a Swedish Accent?; What if Cyclops’ Energy Beams Came Outof His Ears?; What if Wonder Man were a Woman and Power Man Were a Girl?; What if Black Bolt Were a Rock Star?; What if Daredevil were deaf instead of Blind?; What if Alpha Flight Talked Like T.V. Canadians?

 Brent Anderson, Danny Fingeroth, Mary Jo Duffy, Mark Gruenwald, Bob Layton, Mike Carlin, Fred Hembeck, Tom DeFalco, Jim Shooter, Al Milgrom, Roger Stern, Bob Budiansky, Dan O’Neil, Frank Miller, Rick Parker, Joe Albelo, Bill Sienkiewicz, Eliot Brown, John Romita Jr.

 Bill Sienkiewicz, Frank Miller, Fred Hembeck, John Byrne, Brent Anderson, Frank Springer, Mark Gruenwald, Bob Layton, Dave Simons, Bob Hall, Ron Zalme, Al Milgrom, Ed Hannigan, Bob Budiansky, Terry Austin, Alan Kupperberg, Joe Albelo, Tom DeFalco, Eliot Brown, Marie Severin, John Romita Jr., Brett Breeding

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