The Jack Kirby Collector #2


Reprints Jack Kirby Collector #10-12; Introduction by Pamela Morrow; No ISBN

Introduction: Sure, Why Not?; The House That Jack Built; The Jacy Kirby Collector #10; Fighting American cover; Don’t Ask! Just But It!; Roz Kirby Interviewed; Simon & Kirby’s Early Humor; A Toy Story; Favorite Stories About Jack; S&K’s Big Red Cheese; A Kirby Cameo; Super-Heroes & Stupid Villians; Kirby On Art; Kirby On Spoofs; Definitely Not brand Echh!; Crazy, Man, Crazy!; Steve Gerber Interviewed; MMMS Pencils; PRO Magazine Art; The Jack Kirby Collector #11; Jim Steranko cover inks; Inking The King by Steranko; Lights! Camera! Punch ’Em!; the Unfilmed Ideas of Jack Kirby; A Nice Surprise; May The Source be With You; Kubrick a la Kirby; Unce Upon A Time: Kirby’s Prisoner; The Black hole: How Deep is It?; Seeking The Lord Of Light; The Animated Life of Jack Kirby; Kirby & The Sailorman; Cinekirbyesque; Heeeeeeere’s Kirby!; Forever Amore™; Collector Comments; Jerry Ordway cover inks; The Jack Kirby Collector #12; Barry Windsor-Smith cover inks; Jack Kirby Interview; Kirby in the United Kingdom; Review: Jack Kirby Quarterly; John Byrne Interviewed; Kirby in Australia; Captain America pencils; Jack Kirby Recalls Lucca, Italy; Kirby Around The World; Third Annual Kirby tribute Panel with Evanier, Wolfman & Stern; Kirby: The French Connection; Mike Thibodeaux cover inks

 Pamela Morrow, Glenn B. Fleming, Scott Shaw!, John Morrow, R.J. Vitone, Pete Von Sholly, Jerry Boyd, Jim Amash, Nicholas Caputo, Steve Sherman, Jim Steranko, David Penalosa, Jon B. Cooke, Richard Kolkman, Leo Pando, John Stangeland, Michael O’Hara, Harold May, Tom Morehouse, Fievel Elliot, Charles Hatfield, David E. Jefferson, Pat Hilger, Michael James Zuccaro, Mark Cartwright, Ray Owens, Ed Hatton, Shane Foley, Shel Dorf, Jack Kirby, Patricio Alberto Cocaro, Wilson Costa de Souza, Cord Wiljes, Ger Apeldoor, Eduardo Lopez Lafuente, Tham K.S., Tristan Lapoussiere, Mark Evanier, Marv Wolfman, Roger Stern, David Spurlock, Frederic Fougere, Philippe Touboul, Nicolas Waldman, Roz Kirby, John Byrne

 Joe Simon, Al Hartley, Wally Wood, Barry Windsor-Smith, Roger Langridge, Walter Moers, Rene Hausman, Jack Kirby

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United States $15.00 Reprints Jack Kirby Collector #10-12; Introduction by Pamela Morrow; No ISBN