Flashback #12

Alan Light

Superman at the World’s Fair; Fairs 1851-1939; From the Far Corners; Chuck Warren Goes to the New York World’s Fair; Hanko the Cowhand Goes to the World’s Fair 3000 Miles on Horseback; History of the New York World’s Fair 1939; Would You Believe It?; Butch the Pup at the New York World’s Fair; Cuffnotes From the Fair; Ginger Snap at the World’s Fair; Scoop Scanlon, Five-Star Reporter at the World’s Fair; Wonders at the World’s Fair

 Jerry Siegel, Tom Hickey, Bob Kane, Gardner Fox

 Creig Flessel, Joe Shuster, Sheldon Moldoff, Tom Hickey, Fred Schwab, Bob Kane, Will Ely, Bert Christman, Fred Guardineer

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United States cyberspacecomics $29.99 Reprints New York World’s Fair Comics from 1939 ca. 1974