Marvel Tales (2nd Series) #2

Marvel     June, 1965

Reprints from X-Men (1st Series) #1, Strange Tales (1st Series) #115, The Avengers #1, Amazing Adult Fantasy #8, and The Incredible Hulk #3; Origin of X-Men; Origin of Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange); Origin of The Avengers; Listed as Marvel Tales Annual #2 in indicia

X-Men; Hulk: The Ringmaster; The Origin of Dr. Strange; A Monster Among Us; The Coming of the Avengers!

 Stan Lee

 Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko

Lowest Price: $8.00

4 copies from $8.00 to $19.00

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Very Good  
United States MScheele $19.00 30.00 ca. 1965 Cover tears (moderate staple tears, 1/2" or less cover tears)
United States DKnox $11.90 Origin of The Avengers PIECE OF BACK COVER AND SPINE MISSING, WATER DAMAGED
United States MScheele $12.50 10.00 ca. 1965 Spine split (color break, up to 2" split)
United States abarrios $8.00