The Best of The Legion Outpost #1

TwoMorrows     November, 2004

158 pages; B&W

Foreword; Introduction; Legion Lowdown: The Admission of members; The Protracted Conflict #2:’Affirmatice Action; On the Lifespan of the Inhabitants of Colu; Sagittarius Journal; The Productive Mr. Bates; Those Awful New Uniforms; Should the Legionnaires Age?; Legion Lowdown: Jack C. Harris; The Protracted Conflict #3: Happy Birthday; Ack! How dare You Tamper With The Legion; My Place: Ivory Towers; The Kurpis Poll: Say Goodbye To Who??; Keep Duo Damsel!; Fandom report: The Continuing Saga of DC and the LSH; Legion Proficiency Requirments; Legion Lowdown: Jim Shooter; The Legion’s Ten Most Wanted List; Update; The Protracted Conflict #4: Four Times A Year; Action Over Characterization For Now; The Kurpis Poll: If I Could Only Be…; Boltinoff and the Legion-1973; Romance in the Legion; For The Record; History of the Legion of Substitute Heroes; Legion Lowdown: Mort Weisinger; All Super-Creatures Great and Small; Mon-El Is Not Lar Gand; Legion Lowdown: Al Milgrom; Karate Comments; The (still) Protracted Conflict; The Poor Fan’s Almanack; Introducing… The K.A.L.-E.L. Society; Jim Shooter Doesn’t Write The Legion Anymore; When Is A Legionnaire Not A Legionnaire?; If It’s 1992 This Must Be TLO!; An Open Note of Suicide; Politics On The Edible Planet; Legion Lowdown: Mike Barr & Len Wein; Xanthusian Eyes and trommite Hearts; Galloping Galaxies: Has It Been Five Years Already?; Legion Lowdown: Roy Thomas; What If Toy Rhombus Wrote The Legion of Super-Heroes?; Born Under A Triple Sun; Legion Lowdown: Keith Giffen; No! No! No! No More Adult Legion Stories!; Yes! Yes! Yes! Why NOT More Adult Legion Stories?; The Best of the Letters Page; Legion Outpost Extra: Party On Garth-The Legion Fan’s Reunion; Final Update; Afterword

 Glen Cadigan, Mike Flynn, Harry Broertjes, Richard Foster, Rich Morrissey, George Vincent, Mike Valerio, Margie Spears, Dave Cockrum, Ed Kurpis, Kari Smarti, Jim Balko, Jay L. Zilber, Cary Bates, Murray Boltinoff, Richard G. Fowler, Matt Lage, Kevin Gould, Len Rosenberg, Kim Metzger, Tom Bierbaum, Ken Gale, Michael Ellis, Carol Strickland

 Dave Cockrum, Bob McLeod, Fred Hembeck, Joe Staton, Dick Giordano, Cynthia Martin, Michael Netzer, Mike Grell, Jim Mooney, Jeffrey Moy, Sergio Aragonés, Ramona Fradon, Karl Kesel, Steve Lieber, June Brigman, Paul Ryan, Al Milgrom, James Sherman, Joe Rubinstein, Ric Estrada, Bob Layton, Duffy Vohland, Juan Ortiz, Jimmy Janes, Colleen Doran, Neal Adams, Michael Ellis, Matt Hawkins, José Luis García-López, Ron Frenz, Marshall Rogers, Scott Johnson

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