Dark Horse Comics #25

Dark Horse     September, 1994

Final Issue; Flipbook

James Bond: Minute of Midnight; Aliens Vs. Predator: Blood Time

 Doug Moench, Randy Stradley

 Russ Heath, Phil Norwood

Lowest Price: $2.25

8 copies from $2.25 to $19.99

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United States pwills3130 $5.00 MT/NM 9.8
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Canada gjcomics $3.00 Flip-book
United States Jeffsmoola $3.00 Flip-book
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United States bhflash500 $2.90 Flip-book Long box 9
United States fabficbk $3.50 Flip-book
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United States bhflash500 $2.25 Flip-book box 128
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United States cyberspacecomics $19.99