Essential X-Men (Marvel) #3 - 2nd printing


2nd printing; Reprints Uncanny X-Men #145–161, Anl #3-5 in black and white

Kidnapped!; Murderworld!; Rogue Storm!; Cry, Mutant!; And the Dead Shall Bury the Living!; I, Magneto…; X-Men Minus One!; The Hellfire Gambit; Kitty’s Fairy Tale; Reunion; First Blood; Pursuit!; Hide-’N’-Seek!; The Life That Late I Led…; Night Screams!; Chutes and Ladders!; Gold Rush!; A Fire In the Sky!; Nightcrawler’s Inferno; Ou, La La - Badoon!

 Chris Claremont

 Dave Cockrum, James Sherman, Bob McLeod, Bill Sienkiewicz, Brent Anderson, George Pérez, John Romita Jr.

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