The Best from Boys’ Life Comics #1

Gilberton     October, 1957

Pee Wee Harris; Space Conquerors!; Rockets and Jets; David and Goliath; A True Story of Scouting in Action: Tornado!; Think and Grin (text); Old Timer Tales of Kit Carson; 10 Safety Commandments That Everyone Handling a Rifle Should Know; Scouts in Action; The Good Samaritan; How to Make It: Pony Express Mail Holder; Puzzles and Tricks; How to Make It: Apple Indians and Pilgrims; Pine Cone Turkey; How to Develop Film; How to Print Pictures; Rocky Stoneaxe; Faith of His Fathers: 12th Scout Law; The Tracy Twins: Dicky & Nicky; A True Story of Scouts in Action; Kam of the Ancient Ones

 Al Stenzel, Alsten, Ernest Dickinson, Frank Giles, Howard G. McEntee, Irv Novick, Jack W. Hankins, James W. English, John Sink, John Taylor, Mal Eaton, Percy K. Fitzhugh, Stan Pashko, Ted Collins

 Al Stenzel, Alsten, Irv Novick, John Sink, Mal Eaton, Percy K. Fitzhugh, Stan Pashko

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