Archie’s Double Digest Magazine #57

Archie     February, 1992

The Big Joys of Christmas; Dipsy Doodle; Flower Flair; Ribbon Ribbin; Game Aim; Learn While Your Yearn; Food For Thought; Fight Sprite; Wait Fate; Every Clever; Paint Complaint; Two Down One To Go; Write or Wrong; Pet Fret; The Spell of Christmas; The Top Ten; The Believer; Sure Lure; Wrap Rap; I Gotta Be Me; Cold Facts; Heart Art; Spot Check; Stormy Weather; Load Episode; Secret Code; Cross Purposes; Chills and Fever; Good Skates; Sad Lad; Proof Spoof; Gift Drift; Clean Scene; Freebie Jeebie; Crude Food; Dreamsville; Pest Control; Mother’s Little Helper; The Kiss Off; Archie! Your Late!; Date Strait; Munch Crunch; It Had To Be You; The Music Lesson; Snow Job; Man’s Best Fiend; Heat Feat; Scale Tale; Wouldn’t It Be Great; Attack of the Tiger; Up For Grabs; Trick or Treat; Race Pace; View Cue; Hint Stint; Arty Party; The Shirker; Contrast; Arm Alarm; Hill Spill; The Cool Christmas Cat; Cool Yule; The Cut Up; Nice Advice; A Bird In The Hand; Yule Chuckles

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