The Phantom Chronicles #1


Introduction by Valerie Falk

White Knight; The Ghosts Who Dies; Debt of Honor; The Fastest Animal; Truth or Consequences; Stranger from Walker’s Table; The Servants of Set; Here, There, Everywhere; Bad Medicine; House of Ghosts; The Promise; Not That Kind of Girl; Lessons Learned; Reflection of the Ghost; A Ghost Without Yesterday; The Hungry Swamp; THe Ghosts Who Walk

 Mike Bullock, Clay Griffith, Susan Griffith, C.J. Henderson, Ron Fortier, Jim Alexander, Will Murray, Michael Oliveri, Nancy Kilpatrick, Ed Rhoades, David Bishop, Grant Sauve, Trina Robbins, Richard Dean Starr, Dan Wickline, Martin Powell, Craig Shaw Gardner

 Ruben Procopio

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United States pbickford $13.00 Introduction by Valerie Falk