Epic Illustrated #3

Epic     September, 1980

Fall 1980

The Dreaming City; Metamorphosis Odyssey: Vanth; Forest Magic; Libido; Almuric, Part 2; Worker in the City; The Gamesmen of Earth Prime; Metamorphosis Odyssey: The Meeting; Midsummer’s Night Dream; My Room; Tomb Stones

 Roy Thomas, Jim Starlin, Archie Goodwin, Doug Moench, Denny O’Neil, Mike W. Barr, Bob Wakelin, Paul Kirchner, Bruce Jones

 P. Craig Russell, Jim Starlin, George Bush, Paul Gulacy, Tim Conrad, Terry Lindall, Michael Golden, Bob Wakelin, Paul Kirchner, Mike Saenz

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CGC 9.8  
United States Ironturtle $1,200.00  
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United States Ironturtle $111.00  
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United States CapCoComics $105.00 NM-, Scans Available, Mags 2
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United States bhflash500 $92.00 Fall 1980 MAG BOX
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United States RHobold $104.00 Cover Soiling: minor foxing, Binding Quality: slight mis-centering of cover, Corners: slightly blunted
United States cyberspacecomics $144.99  
Very Fine  
United States MScheele $67.00 Light browning on spine

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