A1 (Vol. 1) #2

Atomeka     January, 1989

Flipbook; B&W

Big Death; King Paint; Mr. X: Windows; Sex with Ginda Bojeffries; This Really Happened!; A Death on the Beach; A Long Time Dead; Sperm Warfare; Elephant’s Graveyard; Empty Chairs; The Absolutely, Positively Coolest Mr. Monster Story Ever; Firework Night; Jeepster; Cowboys and Indians; Men and Hats; Kyrn; Obsessional; Comics Are Really Grate!; Fortean Times; The Talk of Creatures; About Hermes, Between You And Me

 Alan Moore, Bob Burden, Dominic Regan, Eddie Campbell, Glenn Fabry, Neil Gaiman, Paul Behrer, Phil Elliott, Ted McKeever

 Eddie Campbell, Shawn McManus, Barry Windsor-Smith, Brian Bolland, Charles Vess, John Higgins, Mike Mignola, Mark Farmer, Paul Grist, Simon Bisley, Dave Gibbons, Matt Wagner, Jamie Hewlett, Paul Chadwick, Ted McKeever, Bryan Talbot, Nick Abadzis, Philip Bond, Kevin O’Neill, Mark Badger, Michael W. Kaluta, David Lloyd, Bob Burden, William Simpson, Brett Ewins, Paul Rivoche

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