Archie’s Double Digest Magazine #59

Archie     June, 1992

Digging the Diamond; Morale Gal; Countdown; Return Match!; Rage Age; The Outcast; Money Honey; Prize Wise; The Moose Is Loose; Man’s Pest Friend; The Hunt; A New Champ; Color Me Green; To Catch A Thief; Yock It To Him; The Mess-Enger; The Original; In A Class By Herself; One of the Bunch; Rings & Things; Boat Banter; Repeat Performance; Betty’s Diary; The Long and the Short; The Runaway; Throw Woe; All Worked Out; Fighting Fools; That Takes The Cake; The Do-Gooder; Race Ace; Blow By Blow; 4… 3… 2… 1… Blast Off!; Boat Note; Mad Lad; Car-Rumba; Once Upon A Time; Spring Ding-A-Lings; By, By, Blues; Half A Loafer; Father No’s Best; Spring Fever; Career Boy; Birth of a Notion; On Hold; Check-Mate; Nice Day; Run, Don’t Walk; Hammerhead Archie; Star Struck; Nature Boy; Esteem Theme; Monsieur Archie; The Helping Hand; Hi-Fi Guy; Bats and Brawls; Watch The Birdie

 Hal Smith

 Howard Bender

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