Superboy (1st Series) #70

DC     January, 1959

Origin of Mr. Mxyzptlk; Origin of Clark Kent’s glasses; Untold Tales of Superboy #1

The Super-Brat; cartoon: Cinema Antics; Superboy’s Nightmare Dream House; cartoon: Tricksy; The Secret of Superboy’s Spectacles

 Otto Binder, Henry Boltinoff

 George Papp, John Sikela, Curt Swan, Henry Boltinoff

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Very Good  
United States $37.00 Origin of Superboy’s glasses Anno XX Cover gloss (moderate), Cover bends (small (1/2" or less), possibly with color breaks), Spine roll (mild)
United States dleviton $39.00 Origin of Superboy’s glasses
United States CapCoComics $40.00 Origin of Superboy’s glasses VG+ "8" in grease pencil on cover. Scans Available