The Whisperer Double Novel #7


Reprints Whisperer #13 (Nov 1936) and #14 (Dec 1936); Reprints Shadow #140; Reprints Doc Savage Comics #1 and #5; 1st Appearance of Judge Patrick Kyley; 1st Appearance of Hong See; 1st Appearance of The Whisperer (in comics); Final issue; Includes two comic story reprints (Whisperer and Norgil the Magician); Completes Sanctum Books reprinting of original 1936-1937 series; Laurence Donovan writing as Clifford Goodrich; Alan Hathway writing as Clifford Goodrich; Walter B. Gibson writing as Maxwell Grant; 128 pages

The Whisperer: The Death Roses (text); historical essay: Interlude (text); The Whisperer: Murder Brotherhood (text); The Whisperer: Afraid to Die (text); The Whisperer: He Knows No Law; Norgil the Magician: Norgil and the Lion

 Clifford Goodrich, Laurence Donovan, Alan Hathway, Maxwell Grant, Walter B. Gibson, Will Murray, Anthony Tollin

 Paul Orban, Vernon Greene, Gus Ricca

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