Omni Comix #3

Bob Guccione     October, 1995

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents story; Larry Niven’s Ringworld Throne is mostly a text piece with various artists providing one page Tech illustrations

Thunder Agents, Part 1; Cold Warriors Never Die; High Guard, Part 1; Larry Niven’s Ringworld Throne; Living Gods, Part 1; Mission to Mars — The Search for Monuments on the Red Planet, Part 1; Hell Below, Part 1

 George Caragonne, Tom Thorton, Larry Niven, Mark McClellan

 Paul Gulacy, Dave Gibbons, Paris Cullins, Tomm Coker, Andrew Robinson, Jerry Paris, Dave Johnson, Boris Vallejo, Mike Mignola, Cam Kennedy, Walt Simonson, Richard Corben, Gil Kane, Eliot Brown, Syd Mead, John Berkey, Steve Ditko, Tim Hildebrandt, George Krauter

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